Mission, British Columbia

September 20th, 2003


On September 20th a variegated community and family event enjoyed

by about 1500 people of Mission and neighbouring communities, was held in the

picturesque Heritage Park of Mission.


Many booths were craftfully erected by 80 community groups,

showing off their products of endeavour.

The purpose of the event was to engage citizens in their community by holding a barrier-free showcase of all community groups and organizations.

Once again, the Fraser Basin Council, Mission Association for Community Living, Fraser River Heritage Park and the District of Mission's Parks, Recreation and Culture Department coordinated an afternoon of public information and networking designed to provide direct information about Mission Activities and organizations.


Driven and piped in by the Chauffeur to the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Pipe Major John B. Mager, CD

our keynote speaker and dignitary arrived:



Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Iona Compagnolo, PC, CM, OBC

 was the keynote speaker of an empassioned presentation

 highlighting symbiotic living in a mutually sustainable manner

amongst a community composed of a kaleidoscope

of all races, creeds, colours, and genders of mankind

coexisting within Nature in a world of Life on Earth.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Honour Guard,

Headed by:

Reg REEVES, Supt.

RCMP/Dept of Fisheries & Oceans

Pacific Region Liaison Officer

Operations Support from Surrey

in their bright, festive tunics, provided constant support

for the Lieutenant Governor in an impressive show

of the distinctive bright red for which "Mounties"

are so well known.


The youth, of the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra,

directed by conductor Jin Zhang, honouring

the Lieutenant-Governor's visit, played classical music under the welcome

shade of a tent on one of those “perfect”

Mission Autumn days.


Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Iona Compagnolo, PC, CM, OBC

having presented the thoughtfully prepared and rendered speech,

 and having allowed the soul-refreshing classical music of the orchestra

 to quieten and unify the combined morphogenetic field of players and listeners,

then proceeded to individually walk about, visiting and warmly interacting

 with innumerable adoring attendees.


Off to a short visit of respite of ice tea and wafers,

 at Ferncliff Gardens with dahlias and myriads of

flowers waving in seas of colourful full bloom.


Next to a gala presentation at the Hatzic Rock XÁ:YTEM site of the

 STO:LO Nation who honoured the LG to their sacred site with presentations

and a wonderful salmon feast.


Rounding off this eventful day, the evening was especially

 thrilling for all of us young at heart, our children, and grand-children,

 young and old, along with the handicapped who, cared for by the workers and volunteers of


the Mission Association for Community Living

enjoyed the spectacular and warmly inspiring presentation of


This, a procession silhouetted against the darkening sky, of people

of all shapes and sizes, guided by the candles of the labyrinth, along with the light

 of their self-crafted lanterns, weaving through this candle-lit maze,

 reminded one of Celtic celebrations in times of old.


Thereafter the attention was drawn within a huge circle of onlookers,

 their attention riveted by a wondrously exciting demonstration

 of magical fire-eating, and dancers looming on stilts in the dark.

The plethora of sensual impressions culminated in a colourful

and resounding crescendo of fireworks.




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