Mission Celebrates!


(Fraser River Heritage Park, Sept. 20, 2003) The 60 piece Vancouver Youth Orchestra initiated the day for 1,500 people enjoying 80 community groups, local entertainment and the presentation by the Lieutenant Governor, Iona Campagnolo.


There was a 360 degree access to the Orchestra, with musicians as young as 6 years of age. Budding violinists were mesmerized with kids their own age performing. The diversity of the attending groups demonstrated many aspects of this community, from 25 million year old locally found fossils  - to quilts honouring the love of grandparents. Bar-be-qued salmon and bannock was available in addition to the samosas and hot dogs. The dancing and singing showed the fine talents of Mission.


The Lieutenant Governor spoke to the theme of the Celebration of Community: ‘Stewardship In All Dimensions’ -

“So you see, the business of being ‘A Steward of the world’ in which we live and on which we depend is a challenge with uncounted dimensions to be considered. Practically speaking, learning how to sustain the world that sustains us, is a matter of ‘life and death’ and an essential trust between ourselves and our collective descendants.  We British Columbians come from every strand of the human family, we are immensely strengthened by that fact. It is well known in scientific circles that the more diverse a people are, the more creative and innovative they are as well.  As in so many things, we are blessed by being an immensely diversified people, sharing each other’s power to enrich and strengthen the communities that we share.”


“I would especially like to acknowledge the many volunteers and all the more than 80 groups here today, ranging from animal groups through sport, hobby, music and a host of service providers who have made this wonderful community based Stewardship event possible.  Here, where untold generations of Aboriginal Fishers wrested their winter’s food from the river, where later St. Mary’s Residential School once stood and where today this splendid Fraser River Heritage Park is proudly located and that hosts so many wonderful community based events. I would like us to remember Mission’s beautiful Norma Locke Kenny, beloved wife of Mart Kenny and Perry Cleven and all those others who formed the Heritage Association in 1981 and who worked so hard to found this great Park.  Like the Xa:ytem  (Hay-Tum) Interpretive Centre that I will visit later today, the wonders of citizen engagement, of co operation, collaboration and finding common ground between people, across the artificial barriers that have been built between us is the key to advancing the human agenda and to sustaining our world.  By your presence here this afternoon you are saying “I am proud of our community” and “I will be a steward of its sustainability” now and tomorrow!


As representative of the constitution under which we all live together, it is my happy duty to sincerely thank you on behalf of our great wide wonderful Province, for your precious promise and necessary commitment to a genuinely sustainable society.”