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This gallery, dedicated to ladies' fashion, will mainly show photos that I enjoyed taking in a variety of venues.


As my wife Xenia is exceptionally beautiful to photograph, she will be a welcome model in many of the photos.




Gas Town Eve Pix

One lively sector of Vancouver, B.C., a hub of night life that we call "Gas Town", provides backdrops that the photographer enjoys especially when the reflections left on the wet pavement by the setting sun compete with the first radiance of the ornamental street lights.

Gloves, gloves, all leather, many colours


Gloves, and more gloves from vintage fashion shows




Gaiapix gloves, fine leather, excellent workmanship

Fashion Gallery 2 is a display of photos showing       selection of the exhibit compiled by 'Ivan Sayers & Co' entitled "Hatched, Matched & Dispatched".




Unmentionables photos by Ernest von Rosen

Unmentionables write-up in the Georgia Straight



  Fashion Gallery 4 links to the photos taken at the fashion show "Love, Marriage, and the Baby Carriage."

Click here for the advert:

"Love, Marriage, and the Baby Carriage"




Check into and you will see the wonders that Ernest and Brian have created while making their avocation their vocation.

The content and feel of Gaiapix is a production of my own artistic driving forces. 



Fashion Gallery 5 links to the photos taken at the sumptuous Soiree party held at the Opus Hotel, lavishly celebrating the publication of the second issue of HoBO Magazine:



         Fashion Gallery 6 links to the photos taken at the Best Western Inn on

October 24, 2003 of one more of the highly entertaining and informative fashion shows presented by Ivan Sayers.

The function was a 2 day conference for Home Ec teachers from all over BC. We had 250 attend. There were 35 different workshops they attended, plus 2 keynote speakers and the dinner at the Best Western with Ivan's show.



        Fashion Gallery 7 consists of a web-album of images taken at the November 14, 2004 "History of Corsets" presentation by Melanie Talkington of Lace Embrace Atelier, as part of a lecture series hosted by the Original Costume Museum Society.




Fashion Gallery 8 consists of a web-album of images taken at the November 24, 2004 Channel M Tv interview by Bernadette Berry of "German Today" of Claus Jahnke, one of the foremost vintage clothing collectors of Vancouver, who was presenting a gorgeous evening dress with a myriad of rhinestone crystals and matching silver fox-trimmed coat.  The amazing outfit was modelled by Melanie Talkington of LaceEmbrace Atelier.  Check out her work at




Fashion Gallery 9: We spent an evening with 'Many Voices' walking Down Memory Lane on February 19th at 7:30pm at the Roundhouse Community Centre - 181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie at Pacific, Vancouver).

National Congress of Black Women Foundation Presented "Many Voices" A Walk Down Memory Lane

Spending an evening with 'Many Voices' walking Down Memory Lane, was filled with Afro/Caribbean/American/Canadian history of Music, Art, Dance, Poetry and Fashion all in dramatic style and performance.

The Fashion Show included garments collected by Ivan Sayers and Mary Regester.




Fashion Gallery 10:

"Shopping in Style 1900-1960: What you'd wear to go shopping" Fashion Show

During Heritage Week 2005 (February 21-26) Coquitlam Heritage Society and Mackin House Museum
presented vintage fashion shows by Ivan Sayers (Feb 26), antique appraisals with Al Bowen, antique car display, and beautiful heritage costumes at Coquitlam Centre Mall. There were displays from the museum and knowledgeable volunteers dressed in costume.




Fashion Gallery 11: Berliner Chic

Claus Jahnke presented an afternoon of historical fashions, as advertised by "Germans in BC"

"Berliner Chic" - illustrated lecture

Submitted on Tue, 01/03/2005 - 09:58. Start:
Sun, 20/03/2005 - 14:00 Begleitend zur Ausstellung "Neues jüdisches Leben in Berlin" gibt es einen Vortrag mit Illustrationen zum Thema "Berliner Chic" - Jüdische Modeindustrie im Vorkriegsdeutschland/-österreich mit anschaulichen Exemplaren aus jüdischen Geschäften im Vorkriegs-Berlin
WER: Veranstalter - Beth Israel Gemeinde Vancouver in Zusammenarbeit mit der Costume Museum Society mit Modehistoriker Claus Jahnke
WO: Beth Israel Congretation, 4350 Oak Street, Vancouver
WANN: Sonntag, 20. März 2005, 14:00 Uhr

An wonderfully-presented illustrated lecture about the pre-WWII flourishing Jewish fashion industry in Germany and Austria presented by Claus Jahnke with slides, rare exhibits, and examples.

The lecture was attented by a German student of English, Murat Yilmaz, who published an article in "The Jewish Western Bulletin" April 8, 2005.

March 20th , 2005





Fashion Gallery 12: Mother's Day Fashion Show
Ivan Sayers presented an afternoon of historical fashions to celebrate Mother's Day.

Password:  GaiaPix

Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives
Sechelt Seniors Centre

Sechelt, BC
May 7, 2005




Fashion Gallery 13:

Something Old, Something New: A history of wedding clothing from the 1850s to today

Well-known clothing historian Ivan Sayers has created a fashion parade of live models, interspersed with mannequins, wearing traditional and not-so-traditional wedding finery from the 1850s to the present day. Weddings are among the most valued rituals in society.  Rituals are usually based on tradition and many of us are familiar with weddings with white lace, orange blossoms, and beautiful bouquets. Displaying clothing from his personal collection and the collection of the Original Costume Museum Society, Sayers goes far beyond that common wedding scenario in an informative and humorous exploration of stylish, but personal, bridal wear.
Sunday May 15, 2005
Hycroft Manor
1489 McRae Avenue, Vancouver




Fashion Gallery 14:

A Matter of Taste:             100 years of fashion  NO-NO's

This project is still under construction


A Fundraiser for:

Volunteer and Informantion Services

Saturday May 28, 2005
Peace Arch Fellowship Church
3487 King George Highway

Whiterock / Surrey, BC




Fashion Gallery 15:

A Corset Soiree and burlesque show

with featured guest:  Cathie Jung  who is in the Guiness Book of records for over 6 years, has the world's smallest waist on a living person.

  In a June 14th, 2005 "Style" section of the Vancouver Sun, entitled "All cinched up in corsets and loving it" Lucy Hyslop writes, in part, the following:

"...Enduring such a disciplined existence is all about the accentuation of the curves, she explains, the difference between the size of the hips and the waist, and the chest and the waist.  'This ultimate look is what promotes wearing a corset, ' Jung states. ' And I enjoy it. Generally you look better and your posture is better.' ..."

Corset Soiree the photo Gallery          Password:  GaiaPix


Sunday June 19, 2005
Held at:

Babalong Studios

91 Powel Street

Vancouver, BC

Find Cara of Babalong Studios at

Find Cathie at                      

Find Melanie, corsetière , at 




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