Interesting Books I have known



Parott Cage


Inside the Parrot Cage: Dr. Gerda Wever-Rabehl

                                           ISBN: 0-595-33139-4



"...Joachim's narrations center around his ceaseless alienation, his lost humanity and the way in which the deliberate cruelty of the Soviet Gulag found a future.

Yet in the process of chronicling these painful narrations, Jean and Joachim meet as equals.  And in this egalitarian position, humanity can be restored..."


"...A quest for a solution to her own health problems prompted Susan to ask many questions, to search far and wide for a number of years for answers.  The net result of that quest has been the uncovering of much shocking but fascinating and vitally important information which challenges some of our core assumptions and beliefs about health and disease..."


The Terrain is Everything:   Susan Stockton, MA 

ISBN: 0-9628770-1-8








A Baltic Odyssey War and Survival

Jürgen von Rosen

Martha von Rosen

Elvi Whittaker, Ed.

                                           ISBN: 1-895176-24-7

"...Fifty years after the end of World War II, two unique narratives chronicle the final months of that desperate struggle in very personal and explicit terms.  While cruelly separated from one another, Jürgen and Martha von Rosen have written two parallel accounts about the same years.

Baron von Rosen's prisoner-of-war diary ...

Baroness von Rosen's memoir is a refugee account of war..."



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