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Athough MOTHS have always been the bane to many households, as the population of these flittering home-intruders ebbs and wanes, almost un-noticed during the seasons, we are mostly bothered by the results of their stealthyly perpetrated diets. --  Invisible webs in our granola, pinholes in our precious woollens. Argh!!

They like the dark.

The life cycle of the various types of moths varies, yet the home is infested by either the moth fluttering in through the door or window, the eggs hiding in the items we bring in, or even the larvae that may find their way to the food source in the pantry, in the clothes closet, or in any of the other hiding places in the building we use to keep our precious belongings safe.

It has been a common practice for as long as I can remember to use "moth balls" to smell up those areas needing most protection from the moth.  The precious furs would be taken out of storage, and for the once-yearly occasion of the gala evening, the lady of the house would be adorned in "haute couture" all the while carrying a hint of the notorious stink of mothballs.

Nowadays, we know that the smell that repells the moths, is like-wise un-healthy for each one of us.

We now have a better method of protection against moth infestations.

I am gratified that the pheromone traps provide a much healthier solution to the moth problem

This modern line of defence against these moth intruders uses pheromones to attract the male moths.  This modern techology is non-toxic.